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What We Offer


We offer a range of homes; both large and small; grand and cozy and in the heart of the city; as well out in the quiet of the suburbs.

One thing links all our properties though – the quality.

Everything in our portfolio has been thoroughly checked and corresponds correctly to any housing regulations and standards.

We go above and beyond, in maintaining the standard of all our homes and ensure that any problems are quickly dealt with.



Unlike some landlords and property management companies, housing regulations and rules are not some optional extra.

We maintain our properties to the highest of standards and make sure they are of good quality.

We do not only meet the letter of the law, when it comes to tenancy issues, but we comply with the spirit of it as well.


For our tenants, any issues such as repairs are answered swiftly and efficiently.

For emergencies, we will endeavor to send someone over to attend your call, within two hours of it being reported.

For less urgent matters, we will complete the repair within one week.


When you rent with us, we will return your deposit promptly, after inspection of the property has been carried out to a satisfactory standard.


For our landlords, we can offer an ease of use and smoothness of service, not rivalled in the local area.

Once you hand the keys over to our property management service, you can be assured complete peace of mind.

All our tenants are carefully vetted and will respect your home. They are professional people only, teachers, business owners and other respectable members of the community.

We can assure that your property will be in good hands and treated with care, whilst it is being let out.

Our online portal for landlords lets you connect with your rental account and keep a check on your income, as well as your property.

If a repair needs doing, we will arrange it for you and do a quality job, for the best possible price.

Take the stress out of renting your home and allow us to do all the legwork, whilst you can sit back and enjoy the rental income!


It is not just residential properties that we let out, but also commercial premises.

We can source top quality premises for local businesses such as restaurants, offices, shops and other establishments.

If you are a landlord of a commercial building, looking to sell or let it, why not see what our management service could do for you.

Once our company takes on a property, it does not stay vacant for long. We can find a use for your building or unit, that you may not have previously thought of!

For a five star service, no matter who you are – tenant, or landlord – contact us today and we can find you your ideal home or get your property earning money before you know it!

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